Facebook Login

Facebook is without doubt the most popular social networking website on the Internet with millions of users logging in to the site each day. It is only natural that some Facebook users experience login problems when they try to log into their Facebook profile to post status updates, see what their friends and contacts are up to and perform all the other activities that Facebook offers.

Some of the most important Facebook account information are the following:

  • Official Facebook login page:, and
  • Facebook username: can either be one of the registered emails of the Facebook account or the Facebook username
  • Facebook password: selected by the user during setup of the email account
The two most common Facebook login problems are that the Facebook page is not loading correctly or that the login information are not accepted by the social networking site.
Facebook offers a link if the password of the account cannot be remembered. This leads to the Trouble Accessing Your Account site where the user needs to enter a captcha and the email that was used to register the account. If both information are filled out correctly Facebook will send an email to restore the account password.

Make sure to check the email spam folder if the password reset email is not received by the Facebook user. Facebook offers a contact page for users who are not receiving the email with the password reset information.
Another common problem that Facebook users experience are page errors that are displayed before, during or after the log in including pages that does not seem to have been updated for a long time.
A common solution for this problem is to clear the web browser’s cache and cookies so that new data will be transferred directly from Facebook. Facebook offers a help page that contains instructions on how to clear the web browser cache of popular browsers.


We have created a login helper document that walks you through the troubleshooting steps in detail. You can download the documents below: