Socialbakers Facebook

Socialbakers, Facebook brand pages for local tastes started reporting counters. Thus, global brands, up to the country to which you learn what you have admirers, met for the steps that could produce strategies for fat mass.

You see a statistical metric Companies for quite Önemli NO LONGER be able to access Socialbakers booted.

Turkey, at the address listed by brand pages Socialbakers'ın, foreign brands can see the list of pages and met many Turks Added How Much appreciated tarafmdan met again listed in order.

Brands Turkcell, Avea, VW, Nokia, Garanti Bank, Akbank, MARKAFONİ, Trendyol, OXXO, and ranked as Teknosa list. Turkish Airlines is the fifth in the list of fans page entering Brands list does not change the fact that spend the most outstanding local users.

In particular, this condition is a major contributor to global brands through the digital marketing activities for the Facebook statistics, going to be great. For example, all just fans in many countries, thanks to this new metric is not a separate page for countries to explore the fascination of a brand, it is a country-specific targeting ads to specific content for this country that collects sayfadaülkeye may or may not be.


Facebook is starting the project over the mobile ad network

Facebook social networking giant in the field of mobile and different initiatives to increase the strength of great importance for the future. One of them is the final stage of testing mobile advertising ağıydı a few months ago.

The project, at least for the moment, he stopped: grew up in the testing process, step by step, but I'm a complete surprise news that Facebook continues Google's advertising network is expected to rival the mobile space AdSense'ine expectations.

Made a statement on the matter have passed tests McCormick Brandon Facebook, but these tests were not among his priorities during the reconnaissance of the project is positive, he said. Facebook ads instead of ads in order to strengthen the non-network based McCormick önceği on Facebook.To offer their own mobile advertising solutions in the field before, so decided to focus on strengthening the rule of Facebook. That does not appear logical channels, except for the time being to sell advertising for Facebook, the target level has been before.

During the test, in spite of their Zynga given up on this project, one of the main reasons to have a lot of competition in this area, including the powerful have worked with prominent companies. One of the major obstacles to the publishers and advertisers a very long-standing links for Facebook, Google's network.

Tests are likely to succeed, but this is a company-wide Facebook 1 billion for McCormick's explanation is not yet at the desired level, with the level of success achieved reflects the fact. Facebook is trying to take steps to be more careful for a while. The results of the stock market worth billions of dollars, even small deviations may occur due to such large-scale projects. In particular, the values ​​according to the value which is still close to 30 percent share of Facebook IPO is low, this can be a risky move.


Galaxy Note 3, 6.3 inches in size

According to the Korea Times, Korea-based Galaxy Note III, will have a size of 6.3 inches. Hybrid smart phone Galaxy Note's tablet will be bigger than the first two models of the new claims made about the device confirmed by the suppliers.

Samsung Galaxy Note's first model in the brand's popular series S'ten the second was 5 inches in size. Being satisfied with the success of Phabletin Samsung, the device size in recent months with the introduction of the second model took 05.05 inches. Probably about the size of the device to increase positive returns, the third model in Samsung managers should undertake a larger 0.8-inch mobilized, the company decided to change.

Note 3 will be released when the Galaxy is not yet known, but the latest models on the market and Samsung sürüleli yet passed a three-month process will not rush to say about it. A good graphic captures the Galaxy Note II, reached sales of 5 million in the second month.

III Galaxy Note next to the Samsung Galaxy S has been working to IV. Smart phone is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2013.

7-inch tablets at a time when the popular 3.6-inch smart phone will face in the next year with the opportunity to see how you're gonna get a request.


Shutting down Windows Live Messenger

One the most popular messaging program Windows Live Messenger users will no longer be able to communicate via Skype acquaintances. Yesterday, Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger, Skype, to emphasize the decision to pull back on the emergence of today came the news that two services are integrated to each other. Skype Messenger users, by updating Messaging or video instantly talk with friends.

Tony Bates, Skype's chief corporate blog, in the first quarter of 2013, all countries except China have confirmed the withdrawal Messenger.

Fundamentals of Windows Messenger and Skype's marriage in October, Skype 6.0 for Mac and Windows version of the thrown. Skype 6.0, allows users to access Microsoft ID accounts. Skype for Windows Live Messenger to make a call and answer a call while using the system, instant messaging system to Messenger again to 80% of the benefits.

New değişklikle the accounts of users signing in to Live Messenger, Skype ID, and they want to consolidate accounts with your existing Skype accounts. This account is quick, though the option to combine third-party customers that use Microsoft Messenger protocol fate is unknown. In addition, the subject of these changes can affect your XBox Messenger, an opening is not yet brought.


Google, Search Results Page, Design renewed

Google's new search page design that emerged in July for the first time yesterday, the company's blog, users are introduced. The most striking change in the new design to be on the left-hand section of the page tabs.

Leaving the user more space and less strenuous, so the eye of the new design, blog post is defined as a simple and clean.

Testing phase began in July offered a limited number of people available in the U.S. as of yesterday opened a new design. Blog post as soon as users from other countries can experience the new design is expressed.

All the tools that you can reach the old with the new design layout with tabs at the top left of the section is taken. Though the later stages, the left part now in this field empty encounter with Google ads.

In recent months, Google, Google Drive Play services such as Google search page with the addition of the Google home page screen, rather than a search engine, has been transformed into an area of ​​the company's services are brought together. Visitors at every opportunity, especially Google+ social network to promote all the services available through the main page of tablets with Google last year, a few weeks ago, search page for mobile phones.